Daffodil International University (DIU) is a leading entrepreneurial university in Bangladesh striving to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem. It has ensured the prestigious QS ranking in Asia.  Our University believes, inspires, motivates and works toward the development of student entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Before completion of the graduation, the students are taught to be independent by creating business for themselves and also to create employment for others. With this motto, DIU   organizes the startup idea competition named “Startup Idea for Fund” to support innovative ideas and pool an entrepreneurial platform where students are facilitated by mentoring, grooming, assessment of their ideas, sufficient funding, incubation, office space, relevant networking, and legal support, etc. All these initiatives enable an entrepreneurial environment for the students to develop their employability skills and moving towards for building the strong the Digitized Nation.


Smart planning and effective execution are the most important ingredients of a successful startup. A great idea can attract money, but great funding cannot improve a poor idea. SIF will help you to improve your business idea, mentor you continuously and provide you the sufficient amount of fund to start your business with smart planning.

The power of one Idea

Every year a large number of young students complete their graduations from different universities and colleges. A large portion of this graduate has unlimited possibility to drive them to be an entrepreneur and can bring ground-breaking success in their business which can boost our economic growth through discovering entrepreneurial opportunities. In order to accelerate business for generating employment, to achieve visionaries of industrial growth of the country, to develop socio-economic life of the citizen and also to effect the positive impression on GDP, Daffodil International University has come forward with an innovative idea for supporting new entrepreneurs by evaluating their ideas. The splendid initiative is a mega competition named “Startup Idea for Fund”. This competition will create a platform for innovative projects which will open the chances for everyone to the local and global community.


The initiative “The Startup Idea for Fund” is dedicated to working with the entrepreneurial community. Since the birth of the program, SIF’s vision is to provide a life-changing platform for an entrepreneur by transforming ideas as a successful experience.


  • Encourage students to become an entrepreneur.
  • Support technology-based innovative ideas
  • Create new employment opportunities
  • Provide training to develop technical skills
  • Promote groups that are under-represented in the tech sector
  • Develop an entrepreneurship culture within the university

Board & Team

Welcome to meet our Board & Team members.

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan,

Founder & President

Md. Sabur Khan, the Chairman of Daffodil International University (DIU) & Daffodil Family has been striving to be one of the leading ICT & Education providers in Bangladesh.

He started his career as an IT business man in the very beginning of nineties (1990). He could foresee the booming demand of skilled IT personnel in & abroad and merged his IT knowledge & vision with orthodox education system of the country to make poverty free, self sufficient generation. Different wings, under the large shade of Daffodil Group, have been involved in more than a dozen of large-scale projects and successfully managed to find sure solutions for ICT services and education.

He is holding the position as Director of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) and Chairman of Global Trade Committee of WITSA. He has been elected as the President of The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) for the year of 2013. He is also the former president of Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS).

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Mr. Mohamed Emran Hossain,


Mohamed Emran Hossain is the Member, Board of Trustees at Daffodil International University (DIU), the fastest growing university in Bangladesh, since the year 2002. He is highly skilled in the areas of higher education management & quality assurance, internationalization, organizational management and IT project supervision. In addition to these roles, Emran is the Chief Operating Officer of the entire Daffodil Family group of concerns, encompassing 25 education-related institutions in Bangladesh. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Relations from the University of Dhaka and a Master’s in Management of Development from ITC-ILO & Turin University, Italy. Currently, besides his organizational responsibilities, he is completing a Doctor of Philosophy qualification at University Sains Islam Malaysia. He is also a member of different national and international higher education organizations, such as EAIE, AUAP, ISTQB, INQAAHE, among many others.

Mr. Mohammad Shibli Shahriar,


A passionate teacher, Shibli enjoys teaching and training. Educated in Bangladesh & UK, he believes in four I’s; that is, he loves to inform, involve, inspire people and implement his wisdom and values. He believes “Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs. We’ve been told time and again to keep finding the first. Our schools helped develop the second. It’s time we put more thought on the third. Infact, Shibli is a believer that happiness fuels success, so he believes to inspire people to find happiness & success.

“4Cs: Confident, Competent, Creative, and Charismatic” These are the QUALITIES his colleagues speak of Shibli Shahriar. More importantly, he likes to introduce himself to all with his four Ps: Professional, Positive, Passionate and Proficient. A qualified teacher from London City & Guilds, Shibli is a positive, proficient, passionate, and professional speaker and writer and his areas of interest are: Training, Organizational Development & Leadership, Brand Development, Soft Skills Development, Motivational Speaking, and Workshop Facilitation.

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Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman Raju,


I am Syed Mizanur Rahman, though people around me like to call me Raju. I was born on the 3rd of February 1970 at a remote village of Tangail, a district of Bangladesh. As a person comes from poverty and crucial socio-culture setup, can realize most of the development issues from my empathetic heart.

My experiential learning from different communities around the world (about 30 countries) helped me to blend with institutional learning from Economics, Drama and Psychology. Right now dealing with 20,000 young people at Daffodil International University in developing basic competency through general education development specially in addressing educated unemployment issue by creating effective entrepreneurs.

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Mr. Golam Monowar Kamal,


Mr. Golam Monowar Kamal has joined as Managing Director (MD) in Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL) on June 01, 2017. In his 27 years of profession carrier Mr. Golam Monowar Kamal worked with several National and Internationally development institutions. He worked as the Head of Information and knowledge units of UN-Habitat, UNDP, and UNOCHA in several countries. During this period, he worked in 14 countries and extensively traveled more than 80 countries around the world. Prior to his United Nations, he worked in several key natural resource planning and management projects in Bangladesh and South-east Asian.

In 1999, he was awarded as International-fellow by WWF-US in Washington-DC to work with the global eco-region planning team. Since 2015, he is the Director of Innovation Hub and Daffodil Business Incubator, Daffodil International University.
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S N Azad,


S N Azad, Don is an entrepreneur and consultant with total work experience of 20 plus years.

Don has had a knack in connecting with and managing people, people from the policy level to the grassroots, from Corporate high up to the staff who help in running and growth of the companies.
Coming from a regimented background: schooling in Cadet College environment, Don has learnt to discipline his thoughts and enterprise before entering into the University. During the University years and afterwards his commitment grew to remain connected to the people through multifarious activities.

In respect to the development sector in Bangladesh, he is involved in project consultancy with development agencies/NGOs, research, program/ project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Don’s specific areas of interest include: Migration, Policy, Displacement, Livelihoods, Development Communications, Governance, Labour Forces & Skills, Socio-economics & Poverty, International Relations and research methodology.

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Mr. Reyed Mia,

Head of Operation and Portfolio Development (National & Global)

Mr. Reyed Mia is a young, dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial-minded professional with total working experience of five (5) plus years.

He started his career as a certified Apprentice of Daffodil Family. After that, he worked for Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited as a Portfolio Manager since 2015 to 2018. Currently, he is working at Daffodil International University to develop young Entrepreneurs.

He is skilled in the area of portfolio management, financing, business development, project management, graphics designing, branding & promotion, digital marketing, public speaking and administrative activities with a demonstrated history of worked in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry, and proven track record to developed lots of startups in different sectors for moving Bangladesh with the revolutionary technology and globalization. He is also awarded several times from Daffodil International University for his remarkable and innovative activities. He completed his Bachelors and Masters in Finance.

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Advocate Maliha Islam,

Legal Advisor & Content Developer

Advocate Maliha graduated from the Daffodil International University in Bangladesh with a Masters of Laws. She has garnered more than 7 years of multi-industry work exposure including Telecommunication, Export & Import, govt. agency, research firm and Legal Consulting for the startups. She brings her unique multicultural perspectives to her work that has her collaborate with thought leaders in the areas of social innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Over the last 7 years, Maliha has become a Strategy Consultant, creative, innovative and proactive individual with a wide background on legal & business development, social and youth development programs, sustainable development, research for social impact, fundraising activities, partnership building and with a strategic advocacy on women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurs business development. These, helped me develop communication, teamwork, and management skills that I can now easily apply to improve and develop effective programs. As a Legal professionals & Analyst I have been involved in projects that include high level targeted impact and advocacy in women’s & entrepreneurial issues, climate change, and youth empowerment for change, planning locally and internationally.

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Mr. Md. Rokanuzzaman Roman,

Program Management

It’s me, a keen learner. Love to learn any new things which I can implement in my work area and want to build such a professional career along with my all colleague.

I have completed my BBA & MBA from Daffodil International University(DIU). Joined at DIU as an Administrative Officer on 1st July 2010 in Textile Engineering Department. Successfully completion of my 1st 3 years I have been promoted to the next senior position as “Senior Coordination Officer” on 1st August 2013.

Another remarkable achievement of my career is to get another promotion as “Assistant Registrar” on 1st August 2017. Now I am working under the Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship since 17th October 2017 to till.

I have a sweet family having my mother, 3 more brothers, my wife (DIU alumni, working in UN migration Agency, IOM) and a little angle (my daughter)

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