What is Innovation Lab

It is a place where students can explore anything independently. They can create anything according to their own wish. All of these they can do in the innovation lab because innovation lab can afford all the needs behind these work.

Objectives of Innovation Lab:

  • Finding problems and fixing the problems.
  • Creating something useful and easy usable things.
  • Creating something which will help to make daily technological work easy.
  • Help students to do any innovative works independently,
  • Giving students every necessary knowledge and to work independently.
  • Should create an environment where students can grow their innovative minds.
  • Creating expert innovative researcher.
  • Creating easy systems of every works for the institution from where innovative lab belongs.
  • Making innovative technology to attend any competition which will increase the reputation of the institution.
  • Creating expert innovative minded so that they can easily get a good job which will also increase the institutions reputation.

Why it’s needed for the students:

  • University gives the knowledge but to apply the knowledge in the commercial sector, Innovation Lab is very much helpful.
  • It can create commercial opportunities.
  • Innovation Lab will help our university students to create new products or services.
  • It can also help us to lower the production cost of products or services.
  • It can improve a business’s commercial performance.
  • Innovation Lab will surely create entrepreneurs who will lead the financial sectors of our country in the future.
  • It will improve the practical skills of the students of DIU.
  • Innovation Lab will help our students to innovate long term solutions or various problems
  • Innovation Lab will help the students of DIU to take their ideas further doesn’t matter in which sector they are interested to work.
  • Overall, the Innovation lab will help the startup ideas of the career of the students of DIU.


  • It creates new revenue streams.
  • A unique environment for creativity and information sharing.
  • Innovation Lab increase chances of landing a job.
  • Innovation Lab open students up to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • It gives a positive experience.
  • In reality, Innovation Lab as a way of pursuing new ideas.
  • Innovation Labs are effective in helping clients and their organization.
  • The innovation lab is a perfect workplace to explore our skill.
  • It gives us an opportunity to work independently.
  • Finally, the Innovation Lab is very pleased for us.